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Newcomer, need advice

Unread postby Surfer Girl » 06 Jun 2007, 04:37

Hello! I've literally only stumbled upon this whole TEFL world in the past week or so but I think it may be something I'm very interested in doing but I do have some questions, I apologize if they've been posted on here a thousand times already;

1. Is a reputable place to get a certificate? If not what are the best online certificates that are affordable? I live in the Seattle area, are there any around here?

2. I only have an Associates Degree in Accounting and absolutely no teaching experience (although it's something I've always thought about), do I have a decent chance at getting a job right after completing the courses and getting a certificate?

3. This may sound silly but, can you really succesfully teach English to a group that doesn't speak English and you don't speak a word of their language?

I'm just trying to figure out if this is something that's realistically worth pursuing. I more than appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks! :D

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it's not easy, but it's very rewarding

Unread postby cassilda84 » 10 Jun 2007, 23:36

Hi, i cannot help you with the certification questions, but I sure can with the last one.
Teaching a language requires many things to take into consideration. Yes! it is difficult when you speak a little of your students language, so imagine how much more difficult it can be to teach them without knowing it, but thanks to the great linguists, nowadays we have many approaches and methods to teach English. My native language is Spanish and I learned Italian even though my Italian teacher did not know a word of SPanish. In my case, I teach English to Spanish speakers, I speak Spanish too, but in class you are not supposed to speak any Spanish. It Works, don't be afraid!!! and yes, it is rewarding to see your students increasing their abilities to communicate with you and other people.

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