Rome - what's is like TEFL-wise? Berlitz?

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Rome - what's is like TEFL-wise? Berlitz?

Unread postby Historyjamie » 20 Mar 2004, 19:20

Dear boardmembers,

I'm currently thinking of taking a Certificate course with Via Lingua in Rome this summer before applying to schools there. I'd like to hear of anyone's experience with the company and also of Berlitz, whom I am also thinking of contacting.

Thanks for your help.



Unread postby Nic » 31 May 2004, 07:02

I've heard a lot about Berlitz, both good and bad. However, I emphasise that it is just all hearsay, and it's because of this that I'm starting a new job with them in Beijing next week.

They use a method with emphasis on speaking and using only the target language. How strictly this is enforced depends on the school, from what I know so far.

I'll keep you posted on how things go with me, but I recommend you try searching Dave's ESL cafe as there are a lot of posts about Berlitz on there, or you may find someone working at the school in Rome.

Hope this helps,



forget berlitz and inlingua

Unread postby smrt » 22 Jul 2004, 12:25

Both Berlitz and inlingua promote their own methodology, a very dogmatic version of the direct method. This particular method is mechanical and boring. In other words, not very motivating.

Both schools pay their teachers poorly. You would be better off getting a job in McDonalds in Rome. McDonalds not only pays better than Berlitz and inlingua, but provides you with food as well.

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