Changing Jobs in Korea

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Changing Jobs in Korea

Unread postby KoreaTeacher » 15 May 2005, 06:17

I am in Korea, but I am not satisfied with my job. I would like to change to another job - however, I am concerned that the law does not allow for someone to change their job on the same visa.

Does anyone know what would happen if I just left my job and went freelance/ found another job - what would be the likely repercussions?
Would I have to leave the country?

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Unread postby amm65 » 08 Sep 2006, 02:01

If you terminate employment, your E-2 visa, issued for work with one employer, is null and void. To work at another institution, you generally must get a Letter of Release from the current employer. Then, getting an E-2 for a new employer requires all new paperwork (signed contract, diploma, transcripts, photos, CV, etc.) and leaving the country to obtain the E-2 from an Korean embassy abroad.

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Unread postby chris » 28 Feb 2007, 13:09

Can you advise what I need to do to get a letter of release from my current academy.

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you may not need to leave the country

Unread postby sherry » 21 Mar 2007, 02:41

If you are unhappy with your job, look for another job, explain why y ou are seeking new employment. It is my understanding that your new employer can ask your current employer to transfer the contract. If it is a private school, they might just do this for a fee.

Just ask the new potential employer. A potenital employer will most likely assume the cost of you transfering the contract visa or pay for most of your transportation costs if you do have to leave the country.

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