MATESL really worth it?

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MATESL really worth it?

Unread postby srol » 01 Mar 2007, 23:11

Has anyone looked into the SITs program for ESL?
I have applied to the Master International with the Peace Corps and SIT. Having second thoughts and also worrying about how much aid/assistance im going to get for program.

Wondering, why so much? Is it really worth it in this profession?

Is this really a profession?

Allot of people just get 4 week course and seem to have no complaints, some do not even have that.

This course would require 1 year of academic study and a internship. And give two years to Peace Corps?
And charge me close to 40k

Its seems like I would get catch a break for trying to make the world a better place.

Thoughts, comments, info would be great

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Unread postby keith » 02 Mar 2007, 11:31

I think you have to weigh up the cost of studying a program (both financially and in terms of the investment of time) against your objectives and the benefit that the course will bring you. I think this applies to any training program.

If, for example, you are planning on teaching for only a year, then a one year training program costing 40K is probably not a viable investment of time and money. If, however, you plan to make teaching your career, then maybe it is.

A 4 week course costing 2K rather than 40K is often a more realistic option in this profession. Courses such as the CELTA are excellent introductory programs, designed to give you the theoretical and practical basis to start teaching, and recognising that your learning will continue when you start to teach.


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