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Website for teaching resources...

Unread postby filterjar » 31 Jan 2005, 07:35


My friends and I are working on a site offering free teaching resources at You can download a range of lesson plans, games, grammar sheets AND listening files (to be burned to CD) to go with them. These units are of good quality and decently illustrated.

There are also complete textbooks (downloadable) on the site - only 2 so far, but more to come!

You need to register to get into the site, but after that you have unrestricted access to everything and can even just download everything once (though it might take you a while!).

If you don't want to register then you can still check out the samples on the top page to see what you're missing...

If you have time, then I'd appreciate any feedback you'd be willing to give!



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Unread postby Hubert » 21 Feb 2007, 14:00


Would this website contain any information regarding ways to help Chinese learners of English who are struggling with their English language pronunciation or not?


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