First time teaching pre-schoolers!

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First time teaching pre-schoolers!

Unread postby notalis » 30 Oct 2006, 18:24

Hi all.
I'm starting a new job teaching 4 year olds next week. I will have 3 groups of 12, 30 minutes each.
Obviously they don't read or write yet, so I need to be creative.
Any suggestions for songs, games, etc..., at this age?
I've only really taught adults so far. The youngest have been middle school-age.

Their teachers will be present, so I don't think I need to worry about discipline. It's more about keeping their interest up and actually having them leave this experience with some English!!!!
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Check this

Unread postby » 07 Nov 2006, 23:40

Check this for songs, short stories and activities:

Good luck
Amy Moe
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Unread postby jayne » 07 Jan 2007, 17:52

I have just started doing the same thing in France, I am teaching from 4 - 10 years old as an english assistant. However, I have found that 30 minutes is quite a long time with the 4 year olds so what I have done is divided the group into half again and do 15 minutes with them - they get distracted very quickly at that age and I find that 15 - 20 minutes is about right. If you have the choice, take 4 groups of 6 children for 15 minutes each? I am at present looking for more material for the 4 year olds as the songs or nursery rhymes need to be very simple and repeatative - I found Round and round the garden with a teddy bear worked well as at that age they love contact as well.... A little recipe goes down well if you have the facilities - explaining fruit, vegetables etc at the same time as letting them experiment with the food. Good luck
Teaching English in France
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