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Unread postby mreniers » 10 Nov 2006, 01:51

I am teaching farm workers English in Central California and would love suggestions for how to help students break the bad habits they've grown so used to in their 15-30 years living in the US. Particularly with negating verbs and asking questions (Do/Don't/Does/Doesn't). I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
Maggie Reniers
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Unread postby chrisw » 03 Dec 2006, 10:03

The only real advice would be to do drills/activations which involved using aux. verbs. Error correct them a lot and things should work out. Rememember that error correcting does not mean you give them the answer, but elicit it out of them and make them say it correctly
Chris Westergaard
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Unread postby lady_therese » 24 Apr 2007, 13:15

Be creative I guess the same with choose the title for this thread. I love it.

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