tips on teaching the subjunctive

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tips on teaching the subjunctive

Unread postby knucklesandwich » 19 May 2004, 09:27

Would appreciate any ideas on teaching the subjunctive. Thanks!



Unread postby stef » 24 May 2004, 23:25

I am a French teacher and I didn't know there even was a subjunctive in ENglish : my students learn English without it.

The question is : what is it? Are you sure you need it?
Let's try the French approach : it's called the notion-function approach (sort of) and we try to trigger speech. therefore we wonder first what the use is : what will they need to express that requires the subjunctive? Then, we give them an assignment :a dialogue to write with a precise situation to write about, which requires the use of the tense.

For example, I teach the "modal preterit" introducing it by triggering their need to use regrets and hopes, and I get "I wish, If only, I'd rather, it was time" sentences and I give them the rule to apply.
Does it help?

Good luck.



Unread postby stef » 24 May 2004, 23:42


Some more help :

That's the best I can do untill I really look into it.*

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