Known Scams - Do not respond to these!!!

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Re: Known Scams - Do not respond to these!!!

Unread postby davido » 26 Jun 2014, 15:14

qsolare wrote:i worked for teach to travel in istanbul. they also go by teachers in turkey, teach in turkey, and leeds academy. they are not a scam but they are right bastards to work for. avoid.

qsolare, could you please tell me the pros and cons for working for Teachers In Turkey? I would be most grateful. Thanks!!!

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Re: Known Scams - Do not respond to these!!!

Unread postby Kruemel1 » 21 Apr 2015, 20:12

qsolare wrote:There may be a new scam starting up and I think I caught it early. I'm still verifying with the UK government but I was contacted by a man named Adel Youssef who claimed to be a Russian living in Manchester England with his family, 3 kids, and he wanted to hire me to be a tutor. Very suspicious, why not hire in the country? So I googled and searched and used every trick I know on his name, address, e-mail, and the information he gave me for a barrister (Duke Cole) who was supposed to do my visa and I couldn't find any proof they exist. When I questioned the barrister I got a bad English response that was also rude, like how dare I not trust them. If you've heard of this, please let me know, if not, please pass it on.

I was wondering how this all ended. I'm currently going through a very similar situation... Native Russian looking to hire me (American with no working rights in UK) to tutor his three kids. He says he'll pay very well and organize the visa with no cost to me.

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Re: Known Scams - Do not respond to these!!!

Unread postby John V55 » 21 Apr 2015, 22:53

Yes, they’re scams, many originating from Nigeria, but I suppose others have also got hold of the idea. They all offer very lucrative contracts to go and teach English in the UK, which together with the inflated salary is the dead giveaway. A bit like exporting sand to Saudi Arabia. For a while they replaced the, ‘I’ve got $12 m I want to share with you’, but seem to be coming back into fashion. In a country of free compulsory education, no one is going to pay you an inflated salary for tutoring.

For those that do get sucked into this obvious scam, the request for money, for one reason or another, will eventually surface.

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Re: Known Scams - Do not respond to these!!!

Unread postby Awalls86 » 23 Apr 2015, 16:17

Could ask the barrister when he was called to the bar, which inns of court he attended and then check it here -
As expected - no Duke Cole.

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