Japan/Taiwan - Advice on University or Adult ESL Employers?

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Japan/Taiwan - Advice on University or Adult ESL Employers?

Unread postby MATTDBOSTON » 03 Jun 2014, 19:09

Hi There- I was hoping to get some advice

I am interested in working with either University students or adults. I would like to work a fairly typical 9-5 PM weekday schedule with weekends off. Perhaps working some nights and just one weekend day. I would like to have 2 days off in a row. I am finding jobs that typically are split shifts during the week- 6 A.M- 9.AM and the 6 PM to 9 PM and working weekends. I do not want to work these hours. Do you know of any Japan or Taiwan employers that would meet my criteria?


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Re: Japan/Taiwan - Advice on University or Adult ESL Employe

Unread postby becki » 20 Jun 2014, 06:17

Hi Matt,

If you are new to teaching in Japan, you might have to start with a job at a language school. These are not the best jobs and will probably not meet your criteria.

You can find a typical schedule of 9-5 PM at schools or universities, but not at language schools. K-12 schools might not be what you're looking for, since it is teaching kids. University jobs are competitive, and they usually prefer to hire within Japan.

You might want to look into Westgate: http://www.westgate.co.jp/application/

You can choose to teach adults, and it's a fairly decent schedule. The downfall is that it is a pretty short contract.
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