Would like some help.

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Would like some help.

Unread postby want2Teach » 11 Mar 2006, 07:08

Hi everyone!
I just had a few questions that I had about teaching english in Korea.
I've been looking on the internet for info on teaching and have a couple questions...

1. what exactly do I need? Tesol, Tefl? I am located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada.

2. I have found many schools which gives you a certificate(ie. Internet schooling, community college)... does it really matter which school I goto?
I am currently free, should I just finish it in 1 month?

3. I have heard many stories of people simply going to asia, then finding a job without certificates. They say there are "ways around it" concerning certificates, diplomas, degrees etc... is this common?

4. I am a Canadian born Korean (hardly speak Korean). Does this give me a better or worse chance at finding a job in Seoul?

5. I am ready to start today. Whats the fastest way to get my qualifications?

6. Is it possible to get the certification in asia? If so, would this be a good idea? cheaper in asia?

sorry for the huge list of questions... I'm sure i've missed something :oops: I am just excited and hope to be teaching soon.
Please send me all your recommendations or advice if you have any at all.

Thanks in advance.

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Unread postby amm65 » 08 Sep 2006, 01:58

Having a TESOL certificate isn't required in Korea, but having an authentic diploma is.
With your Korean background, you may be entitled to different visa than an E-2, which would allow you to teach privates, should you desire.
Speaking Korean can be an advantage. Not speaking Korean but being of Asian appearance might provide some challenges in finding a job near Seoul, in which case branching to other areas would be helpful.

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