Island TEFL Bali?

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Island TEFL Bali?

Unread postby cmelia » 02 Jan 2012, 20:31

Hi All,

I'm looking to do a TEFL course through Island TEFL in Bali but following reading some reviews i would like to clarify a couple of things.

I'm only interested in working in SE Asia - Will this course give me a sufficient certificate to do this?

If anyone is currently working in the region (Indonesia / Malaysia mainly), any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Alex Case
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Re: Island TEFL Bali?

Unread postby Alex Case » 07 Jan 2012, 22:27

If it has to be Bali there is also a Trinity CertTESOL course there which is a bit more expensive but will give you more employment options.

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Re: Island TEFL Bali?

Unread postby anna_g » 16 May 2014, 16:07

Hello cmelia, I just graduated from an Island TEFL Bali course early this year, and it was really wonderful. The course was held just 1 min away from the beach, the instructor was really nice, and we also got the opportunity to teach at some orphanages so we can give back to the community. I heard that a new owner owns Island TEFL Bali as of 2013 (I think he's British) and I think he's doing quite a good job with it. I dont know whether you did do a course on Bali in the end, but just sharing my experience with you. ;) :mrgreen:

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Re: Island TEFL Bali?

Unread postby sahana » 01 Oct 2014, 03:13

nice sharing.

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