China School Blacklists For Expat ESL/TEFL Foreign Teachers

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China School Blacklists For Expat ESL/TEFL Foreign Teachers

Unread postby Polaris » 02 May 2014, 06:53

I don't know about you guys, but I would rather avoid a problem than have to fix one. I have been cheated too many times in China until a colleague in Shanghai turned me on to a handful of blacklists that he and others swear by. I am sharing them with you below, but just keep in mind that some are a year old and others are updated every three months. Hopefully these links will save you all the time, money, and grief some dishonest principals and recruiters caused me in the past.
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Re: China School Blacklists For Expat ESL/TEFL Foreign Teach

Unread postby Murphy » 06 May 2014, 22:35

These are great links Polaris. There are over 500 people/schools to watch out for in China and from what I see the six largest advertisers of China teaching jobs on the internet are on one of the lists. Someone needs to publish a white list so we just know which China schools are safe! Anyway, thanks for sharing these very useful links P.
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