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Ideas / Links

Unread postby LeaLea » 05 May 2014, 20:35


New to the forum, so excuse me if this is not the best place for this post.

I wondered if anyone has any suggestions for really good sites with ideas/lesson plans for teaching adults? I can suggest the following:

- PhraseMix
- Film English

I would be very grateful if anyone could suggest other well-made sites with lesson plans or other good ideas - mostly for upper-intermediate or advanced classes.

Thanks in advance!

Eric D R
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Re: Ideas / Links

Unread postby Eric D R » 21 May 2014, 21:53

Hear are a few, Lea:

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Re: Ideas / Links

Unread postby Susan » 22 May 2014, 16:51

Here's one more:

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Re: Ideas / Links

Unread postby amber » 19 Jun 2014, 18:07

information about TEFL anyone can help there?

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