Dirty Secrets About Real China Foreign Teachers Salaries

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Dirty Secrets About Real China Foreign Teachers Salaries

Unread postby Polaris » 21 Mar 2014, 06:45

Most of us find out the truth too late. But if you have not yet signed a contract to work in China, I suggest you don't do another thing until you visit and read these links:


http://open.salon.com/blog/china_busine ... _hype_lies

http://www.realscam.com/blogs/seattle/2 ... xpats.html

Reading these articles will earn you about $10,000 more per year working in China. Another teaching colleague turned me on to these links two days before I was going to sign a contract with a shady agent. What great timing!
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Re: Dirty Secrets About Real China Foreign Teachers Salaries

Unread postby Murphy » 24 Mar 2014, 09:03

What you say is absolutely true Polaris. People need to know everything about their teaching gigs before they buy a plane ticket and come here to China. The links you gave would have prevented me from coming to China had I seen them a few months ago. Also here are some good tips for teachers exploring the China option. Be sure to read this before you sign any contracts and before you leave your homeland:

http://www.englishpost.com/forum.php?mo ... ad&tid=254

One thing for sure, China is a fun adventure but don't expect to earn a lot of money here.
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