What you should know about getting a visa for China

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What you should know about getting a visa for China

Unread postby Worlda » 20 Mar 2014, 08:57

There has been a lot of talk about this so I'll input my 2 cents. I've been here for 4 years, now doing HR related things and I have to go through hundreds of resumes a week, so I hope you all read this before applying to any job in China!

If you are planning to work in China, get a working Z visa. It is legally required. If you are caught working without one, you will be fined, detained, then deported. The company you are illegally working for will also be fined, and possibly shut down, because they are not paying tax on you.
To get a Z visa as an English teacher, you must have these requirements. The Chinese government will not issue you a Z visa without them. Note, these are updated as of February 2014. I didn't make these rules, don't get angry at the messenger.
1st - Must be a native English speaker, and have a passport/citizenship card from a Native English speaking country (sorry India, English as an official language doesn't count.)
2nd - Must have a university or college degree. Sometimes an associates degree works, bachelors always.
3rd - New law, must have a teaching certificate, such as TEFL or TESOL.

If you cannot fulfill these requirements, the Chinese immigration office will not issue you a Z visa to be an English teacher. DO NOT COME ON ANY OTHER VISA, EXPECTING TO SWITCH TO A Z VISA. If you come to China on any other visa, you need to LEAVE China to get a Z visa. You can do this two ways - go back to your home country (preferred,) or you can leave China, ship all your documents to your home country, have someone there go to the Chinese embassy, and ship it back to wherever your taking your vacation. As long as the exit stamp, visa date, and entry date all work out, it should be fine.

If you have any more questions about this, please feel free to ask!

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Re: What you should know about getting a visa for China

Unread postby Blink » 09 May 2014, 01:57

I agree - if anyone tells you to come to work in China on anything other than a "Z" visa - say good-bye. They are NOT to be trusted.

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Re: What you should know about getting a visa for China

Unread postby Murphy » 14 Jun 2014, 01:13

I suggest all of you read this and share it with all of your teacher colleagues.


If you have ANY doubt about whether a recruiter or agent is telling you the truth about visas get your own free copy of the new 2013 China Visa Law from the CFTU and read for yourself.

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Re: What you should know about getting a visa for China

Unread postby VincentMIR » 01 Oct 2014, 17:03

Reading this i understand that being a non "Usa,Uk,Canada etc.." passport holder there is NO WAY you can work as an english teacher legally?

Am i getting this right?Does this mean that Every non enlgish native in China is working illegally?And therefor just gambling on being subject to fines and deportation!?
Though it is way harder for non native to find positions i am sure some operate there..

I am at the moment evaluating an offer mentioning an F visa indeed.From Buckland Group

This is scary :oops:


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Re: What you should know about getting a visa for China

Unread postby Saturn » 20 Feb 2015, 07:55

Do NOT use a visa agent people or you have a 30% chance of being a victim of identity theft. See http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com and look at all the scam agents identified on the China Liars List at Scam.com

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