How to write the date in American?

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How to write the date in American?

Unread postby chocalate » 24 Aug 2006, 10:31

i know that in Britsh language the date starts with day , month then year. How about in American language? How the date is written?.If there is a site which explain this rule it will be good.

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Unread postby Robbo » 02 Sep 2006, 15:20

In American contexts, the date format is most often: month / day / year but in British and European contexts the usual format is day first, then month, then year.

Thus, 01/12/2006 could be 1 December 2006 in UK/European contexts or January 12, 2006 in American contexts.

To avoid ambiguity (for example, in important documents and worldwide communications), it is better to use one of the following:

a) Write the date with the month-name in full, eg: 4 November 2006

b) Use the ISO (International Standards Organization) convention and use the the order YYYY-MM-DD eg: 2006-11-04.

The ISO method is excellent because it is an unambiguous international standard and it can also have the time appended as well (-HH-MM-SS). It is particularly well-suited to manual or computerized sorting as the most significant part (the year) is at the beginning.

However, the ISO format is still uncommon for general use and so method a) above would look more familiar.

I hope this helps.

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