Madrid Vs Istanbul (to start TEFL)

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Madrid Vs Istanbul (to start TEFL)

Unread postby crystal » 17 Jan 2014, 12:39

Dear All

My dilemma:

I am approaching my mid 30s and find myself at a nerve-wracking crossroads, I’m soon to lose my job in London- which is in a dead-end vocation anyway (local authority administration) I have admittedly sat within this comfort zone for too long, so may be not a bad thing to be forced into taking a leap into something new. With a level 5 accredited TEFL cert and a BA Hons degree I have been flirting with TEFL for some time.

Having gathered dust in an office for too long I doubt myself when it comes to challenge, however I believe I have the raw ingredients to make a good teacher. That said I’m apprehensive at how long I could sustain this endeavour as I can’t see myself in a classroom long term- unless I could do well at developing a private client base. Ideally, it would be good to use TEFL as an experience which could then open other avenues. I really want to write -as the foundations of a long term career, and have strong interests in anthropology, and international development. I even h

1- I have been offered 2 weeks training in Madrid with an organisation by the name of Vaughan Systems- initially optimistic, I have since unearthed a raft of negative publicity concerning the conduct and ethics of this company. They teach a specialised methodology that would only be useful to their own placements in corporate/ business English across Spain, however they are affiliated with various media and broadcast outlets which interested me given previous experience I have in TV production- an area I would be keen to revisit. Attending this training would mean considerable upheaval as well as financial outlay- I am not averse to this in principle, but am now less so given the cut- throat style of this outfit and the fact that they appear able to eject you at a moment’s notice and seem to impose a manipulative control of their staff- if the majority of opinion is to be believed. I realise there may also be success stories, but I have seen precious little evidence of this

2- Secondly and rather by chance, a Turkish colleague is returning full time to Istanbul late Feb and has suggested I come out and visit, stay with him etc and search for work that way, he has also offered to assist me in securing the best arrangement in my absence. I would probably lean far more on this offer were it not for the Vaughan Systems arrangement. Istanbul seems undeniably fascinating, and I could at least visit for free risk free to get a taste.

I’m hoping an experienced TEFLer with knowledge or informed opinion of both Turkish/ Spanish markets, and lifestyle contrasts- and who would be familiar with the reputation of bona fide recruiters and academies (or Vaughan Systems) would be kind enough to share some wisdom. I am up for taking a risk, but no longer a spring chicken I need it to be a more calculated risk, so if I go for either of these choices I need it to be the best one! I'm also keen to learn which option/ country could potentially offer a more dynamic platform for other creative or employment pursuits. If you're still reading and able to offer some informed guidance, I would be truly grateful for any peace of mind

Many thanks

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