Age Restrictions?

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Age Restrictions?

Unread postby SeattleDoug » 27 Sep 2013, 08:05

Hi Everyone,

This is my first time in this forum, so be gentle. grin
I am wondering which countries have very rigid age requirements?
I ask that because I am 65, in good health, have a Bachelors Degree with Major in English, have taught High School (though it has been a long time since I was in the class room). I am wondering if I would be spinning my wheels to get certified and try to find a position teaching overseas at my age. I have read that most of Asia is pretty rigid, preferring younger teachers over fact, very few seem to want anyone over 60 has been my understanding. Correct or incorrect?

In general, just would love to hear from any of you that can share or point me to a page on the net with the info, about the maximum age (if any) countries will accept. (Europe & Central/South America seems to be where I am leaning if I do indeed decide to give it a go)

Thanks in advance!

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