A framework for teaching Japanese students.

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A framework for teaching Japanese students.

Unread postby Johnny » 20 Aug 2006, 03:05

After nine years teaching Japanese - much frustration. Textbooks do not seem to work. Has any author published something that explains the structure of the sentence/clause in simple terms? For example a simple analysis of the clause - Noun group,Verb group,Adverbials. Or sentence diagramming?
Japanese students need a framework on which to hang
the language.

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Sentence structure for Japanese students

Unread postby Lucy » 23 Aug 2006, 16:40

Dear Johnny,

I am not aware of any coursebooks that can be used for sentence structure that are aimed specifically at the Japanese market. I'll copy your question into the grammar and usage forum; by doing this, teachers with more experience of Japan can post replies.

Here are some general ideas for practising sentence structure:

Write sentences on a worksheet. Some should be correct and others should be in incorrect "Japanese English". Students sort the sentences into correct and incorrect. They explain why the incorrect sentences are wrong and then correct them.

Whenever you do listening and reading activities, follow up with work on sentence structure. With a written text, draw students attention to a particular sentence and ask them to describe the components (eg subject, verb, object)and ask them to explain why the phrase is structured in that way. This can be done in English or Japanese. After a listening activity, choose some sentences (maximum 3) and play them again. Ask students to write down each word. Alternatively, you can dictate them at natural speed. Follow up with the same activities as above.

Chorus and individual drilling can work at all levels.

Use jumbled sentences for students to order. You can also use cards with one word on each card, students put the cards in the right order. This makes the activity more tactile and physical.

I hope this will help.


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