lesson plan can anyone help me please

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lesson plan can anyone help me please

Unread postby DeanBarratt » 24 May 2013, 16:38

Now write a lesson plan for a 45-minute-long lesson with one of the objectives below. (Min 200 words)

Click here to remind yourself of the model structure for a lesson plan. Make sure each stage of your plan includes a description of the activity, the type of interaction, and the timing.

a. Objective: to learn and practise the vocabulary of hobbies and to revise adverbs of frequency.

Level: elementary my answer is----------------

Level: Elementary
Lesson length: 45 min
Objective: To learn and practice the vocabulary of hobbies and to revise adverb of frequency.
Target language:
1. Tennis, Football, Running, Swimming, Basketball, Skiing, Surfing, Skateboarding, Bike riding and Fishing.
2. What is your favourite hobby?.. My favourite hobby is..
Assumed Knowledge: students at this level will know present simple tense (positive, negative questions forms). Frequency adverbs (sometimes, often, always) and verbs (like, read, swim).
Anticipated Problems: students may not know how to pronounce and write hobby vocabulary.
Student may not participate in the activities.
Solution: help with the more difficult words with drilling. Repeat individually with every student. Help them by writing the words on the board.
If they seem shy or lack confidence, I will start talking to the students who have not spoken and give them an easy question to answer to boost their confidence.
Preparation and Aids: pictures, cards, cd player, audio cd and worksheet.
Lesson plan.

1. Warmer. Play hangman with students using frequency adverbs (never, rarely, sometimes, usually, often and always) taught in previous lesson. T-S 5 min.
2. Lead in. Check everyone understands the word ‘hobby’. Using real pictures of people practicing sports and other hobbies, I will elicit what hobbies are shown in the pictures e.g. tennis, football, running, swimming and basketball. In the case they have any problems writing them, I will help by writing on the board each of the words in a hangman style for the students to work out the correct spelling. T-S 4 min.
3. Pair work: Put students in pairs and get them to discuss about popular hobbies they know. Plenary: ask each of the pairs about what new hobbies they have spoken about and write on the board their findings. T-S 4 min.
4. Presentation. Introduce to the students the new vocabulary (target language). I will combine the subjects of the previous lesson (frequency adverbs) and will use the new target language of today (hobbies). T-S ? min.
E.g. subject-frequency adverb-verb. I-never/often/always-go fishing.
I will repeat each of the sentences several times drilling chorally and with each student check for correct pronunciation.
T-S S-S 10 min
5. I will have prepared cards for the children to work in pairs. With different groups: subjects (he, she, we, they), frequency adverb (never, often, sometimes) and hobbies written on them.
Students have to form a sentence by choosing a card of each group and using the format above.
Elicit one answer from each group to check for understanding. T-S 4 min.
6. Presentation: elicit new question “what is your favourite hobby?” let students come up with answers using “I like”. Introduce a new sentence “My favourite hobby is” practicing by repeating after me and drilling with different examples - T-S S-T 4 min
7. Controlled practice. I will have a CD player with an easy conversation between three people and hand out a worksheet where they will fill in the missing gap with the help of the audio C.D.
E.g. Ben___ plays guitar. Ella always _____ before going to sleep. Joe’s favourite hobby is ____ .
Individually read out the sentences to check their answers.
I will replay the audio stopping at the end of each sentence and get the students to repeat. T-S S-T 8 min.
8. Production. They will go around the class and ask each other which hobbies they take part in, in their free time, the frequency with which they do them and which hobbies they dislike, whilst writing their findings down. With this exercises they are going to practice what they have learnt. T-S S-T 8 min.

E.g. “What hobbies do you do in your free time?” I play football and tennis. “How often do you play football?” I play football two times a week. “What hobbies do you dislike?” I dislike reading. T-S S-T 6 min.

9. Free practice: comparing ideas with their partner. Then with the whole class,
when they have finished, I will ask which hobby is most common in class. T-S S-T 2 min.
10. Homework: write forty words about their favourite hobbies in the summer. Including at least one hobby not covered in class today. Review in next lesson. T-S S-T 1 min.

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