Non-native teacher looking for advice before taking CELTA

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Non-native teacher looking for advice before taking CELTA

Unread postby carson » 28 Mar 2013, 18:51

I’m a self –made non-native teacher with 5 years of experience in teaching adults and teenagers at levels ranging from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate. I have mostly worked on a free - lance basis teaching one-to-one and small group classes, although I also have some experience teaching bigger classes in academies and companies.
I have finally managed to save up the money necessary to take CELTA, which I am very much looking forward to. Prior to that, however, I would like to spend one or two months in UK, possibly London (although I am open to other destinations), to try and improve my English, - at present presumably a C2 level - as much as possible.
I am not sure as to what school to apply and what course to choose, however. I do not possess a Proficiency Certificate and there are no Proficiency exams that I can take during July and August, months on which I am on holidays. Moreover, courses which prepare students for Proficiency tend to be much longer than just a month whereas I’ll have to be back in Spain teaching by October at the latest.
As far as I have understood, having a Proficiency Certificate is not a compulsory requisite for non-native prospective teachers who would like to take CELTA. Am I right on this? In your opinion, what should I do in order to best prepare for CELTA having an unproved C2 level? Are there any schools or any particular courses which you would recommend in London or anywhere else in UK?
This is the first serious chance I have to embark on an educational journey to an English – speaking country and I would like to build up a future on English teaching. Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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