Is this a good salary in Hong Kong??

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Is this a good salary in Hong Kong??

Unread postby HKthe » 15 Mar 2013, 02:24

Hi all,

I would like your views on whether the following is a good offer or not.
The job is at a tutorial centre.

17.5 - 18.5k p/m
16 - 26 teaching hours per week.
No lesson planning required and only need to be at venue for designated teaching hours, ie. no need to stay there all day.

I have some teaching experience already plus a TEFL.
However, I am hesitant. I am not in a rush to get a job in HK as I already hold one. The place that offered the job seems good...but wondering whether I can do better...should I wait until the end of current term and then start looking for something else? Would this be a better time to job seek?

Many thanks for your advice!

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Re: Is this a good salary in Hong Kong??

Unread postby parisjetaime » 19 Mar 2013, 10:38

HKthe, I'm not in Hong Kong yet, but my understanding was that around $20k / month was more the going rate at a tutorial centre. However, to be fair some people I know are on this salary but their accommodation is automatically deducted from it, so their take-home pay is around $13k / month.

If you already have a job then surely you can compare the salaries and work out if it's fair? Or is your current job not in TEFL? The other key thing I guess is the notice period - if it's only a month then you could take it but keep applying elsewhere.

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