More interesting ways to teach grammar?

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More interesting ways to teach grammar?

Unread postby adiisrael » 16 Mar 2013, 12:59

Hi everyone, I really interested in knowing how to teach grammar in different ways… I only see teachers teach grammar in a boring way, writing the roles on the board and asking the pupils to copy it … I am wondering if there are more fun and interesting ways to teach elementary school pupils grammar… thank you!

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Re: More interesting ways to teach grammar?

Unread postby MarkTeacher » 13 Oct 2013, 04:24

Hi I make a list of common errors students (I count how many for each category) make and get them to focus on that common error according to how many times they are making that particular common error. This could be for example treating people as singular or confusion between other and another. I hope that helps. All the best.
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Re: More interesting ways to teach grammar?

Unread postby Alex Case » 14 Oct 2013, 05:48

Mark's idea may be useful, if for adults more than for young learners, but it doesn't sound particularly interesting.

It's a bit of a huge question, adiisrael. Can you give us an example grammar point for your students?

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