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Shanghai Dianji University

Unread postby kenna » 21 Jan 2013, 04:49

I was a teacher in this school for the 2009-2010 school year. My experience at this school was wonderful and I recommend it to serious ESL teachers looking for work in Shanghai province.

My classes were a combination of three year students learning technical trades and four year English majors. In general all the students have a fairly high level of English, which is indicative of Shanghai Education.

The technical students are less interested in the English classes than their core studies but there is the opportunity to design the lessons around their fields of interest. This is very beneficial to the students because part of their technical training is given in English from teachers from Box Hill Institute.

Many of the four year students come from other provinces and their English level entering college can vary some. On the whole they are very interested in learning from a native speaker and there is the opportunity to make the lessons interactive and fun.

The school also teaches Chinese to students from all over the world which is really cool and creates a multicultural experience at school events.

The school has two campuses one in Minhang District and one in Pudong. The Pudong was still being built when I left but looked to be a nice addition. Minhang is about a half hour metro ride from the city center. The trade off is cleaner air and more open space. My only compliant is that I was unable to live on campus with the other staff because the school ran out of apartments that year.

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