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IELC Mexico

Unread postby LaurieD » 30 Nov 2012, 20:04

Hey guys,

I wondered if anyone has worked for the IELC School in Mexico, or if they know much about them?

I'm new to TEFL, having recently finished my honours degree, and I'm currently completing the 140 hour certificate. I'm quite open to where I teach, however I do like the idea of doing it somewhere Spanish speaking.

I realise that without a more established qualification like CELTA I'll probably struggle to get a European place in the likes of Spain, so South America seems like a more viable option.

I noticed some job ads through this School so I'd just like to hear about any experiences from people who have worked with them, or maybe just know someone who has.

Cheers in advance,


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Re: IELC Mexico

Unread postby JulieJohnson » 17 Jan 2013, 22:23

Hi Laurie,

I had a great time working all around Mexico and learning Spanish so I'm sure you will too but are you being asked to pay a fee? If you are, just be aware you don't need to pay for a job ... It might be a perfectly decent setup, it just doesn't have to be the case that you pay. You can get a paying job if that's what you want with your qualifications.

Hope this helps,

Julie Johnson

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