Best TEFL route 4 qualified secondary teacher?

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Best TEFL route 4 qualified secondary teacher?

Unread postby marmite » 04 Sep 2012, 11:03

Hello all,
I am a qualified MFL teacher with a degree, PGCE and 2.5yrs' teaching experience who would like to gain a TEFL qualification. What is the easiest route for me? Could I get what I need to start teaching TEFL with an online course, given that I have so many hours of classroom experience already? Any advice gratefully received! Thanks :)

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Re: Best TEFL route 4 qualified secondary teacher?

Unread postby kaithegreene » 06 Sep 2012, 08:21

Hi Marmite - two important points to consider are what qualifications future employers are likely to be looking for and whether you need an EFL qualification for a working/teaching visa. Why don't you approach one or two HR departments and ask them?
Another idea would be to see if you could sit in on a couple of lessons in a private language school to get an idea of modern communicative EFL methodolgy, and whether it is pretty much what you are already doing.
Good luck.

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