TEFL visa for Europe - need help....

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TEFL visa for Europe - need help....

Unread postby mlwalton13 » 26 Jun 2006, 22:18

Hi All,

I'm new at this forum, but I wanted to say hey and bring the issue of obtaining visas for TEFL teachers specifically in the EU.

I know that you can get legal papers to live/work in the Czech Republic (because that's where I was certified and where I lived and worked) I also know that it's not that difficult to get papers (visa and residence permit) for other Eastern European countries like Hungary, Poland etc...

However, if you want to teach in say Spain, Italy or France you may not be able to get a visa.

So here's the thing....I've gone through the political circus of talking to my Assembleyman, my State Rep, my Senator, and my Congressman.

My Congressman (the Honorable Clay E. Shaw) has actually initiated two Congressional Inquiries on my behalf to the State Department. I'm currently awaiting a response from the second one. (It takes them just over a month to respond).

Anyway, through my frustration I've decided to start a petition. The petition is to the Senate on Foreign Relations Committee. I'm just trying to get the issue on the Senate floor for discussion.

So I could use everyone's help, because what I need is signatures, lots of them. So if you're a registered voter (because that has more impact) and you think this is a good idea....please visit my petition, read it, sign it and feel free to pass it on to family and friends. It's at http://www.petitiononline.com/1yrTEFLv

Thanks for your help :)


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Unread postby mlwalton13 » 30 Jun 2006, 15:10

I just want to reiterate about the petition - it's NOT a legal commitment. It's just a mechanism to bring the issue to the senate floor for discussion....

I should think that if you are coming to these forums and you're an American, that you could benefit from having such a visa available to you if you wanted to say, teach English in Spain or France or some other western european country that makes it difficult to get work papers/permits etc...

So please check it out, and pass it on to others ;)
Here's the link again http://www.petitiononline.com/1yrTEFLv

Michelle :)

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Unread postby kona » 13 Aug 2006, 22:40

Hi Mlwalton,

I think its a great idea the petition, I've also signed my name.

My question to you is, where did you take the TELF course??

I am looking to do it in Rome, Italy but am having a hard time finding an accredited school. Can you please suggest a school to me?

Any info you have would be appreciated.

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Unread postby vcbpg » 17 Sep 2006, 20:25

I believe there Windsor has a school in Rome. There is definitely a school in Florence. It s not hard to get a visa her :P e either. Italy is extremely corrupt.... If you have any questions, need help, etc, write to me! vcbpg@libero.it

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