Textbook Question RE: Canadian Spelling

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Textbook Question RE: Canadian Spelling

Unread postby BrianGrover » 03 Jul 2012, 21:40

I’m putting the finishing touches on a textbook, some aspects of which I’ve presented on at various English teaching conferences in North America, called Catalyst: A Conversation Taskbook for English Language Learners and I have a question about the use of Canadianized spellings. Though the book would probably be of equal utility to both British and North American instructors of English I’m wondering if I should Americanize the spellings to be consistent and cater to what is probably the bigger market [due to size, proximity and influence] or should I damn the torpedoes and stick with the Canadian hybrid even though doing so could have an unconscious but adverse impact on sales in both of these larger markets. The Canadian market is important but not critical from a purely economic POV.

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