Looking for advice on taking up a career in teaching.

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Looking for advice on taking up a career in teaching.

Unread postby iapetus » 16 May 2012, 11:20

Hi All

I’m hoping someone on this forum could offer me a little advice on the likelihood of making a success of teaching in this field long term.

I’ve considered TEFL teaching for over ten years now, but never really had the impetus to follow it through. Now as I reach tail end of my twenties, I’m beginning to tentatively explore my options but would welcome advice from those with experience in the field.

A cursory overview of my circumstances:
I’m in my late twenties, with no direct teaching experience behind me at this moment in time. However, I have worked in social services and in a role working directly with children and young families. I have also worked mentoring ‘hard to reach’ young people (15-21). I have experience of delivering sessions to large groups of young people that is analogous to teaching. I currently have a full CRB too- yay!

I am a UK citizen with a passport with a lot of life left on it.

I have a degree in English Language and Linguistics (BA). I would look to carry out a 120hour TEFL qualification; if that’s my best course of action.

I'd hope to embark on teaching abroad as early as summer 2013 as I currently have work commitments, and would like to build up some just-in-case-cash. I would also consider undertaking a post-graduate teacher training qualification if essential.

Although I would- initially at least, be seeking to teach and travel (probably short contracts of around 4-6 months if possible) I would, in the long term, like to find work that is both stable and remunerative.

As I say at this moment I am less than a rookie so if my ambitions sound a bit too lofty please be tactful, I’m aware they might be and would welcome feedback that might give me a realistic idea of my chances.


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Re: Looking for advice on taking up a career in teaching.

Unread postby HelenBell » 03 Jul 2012, 16:10

Hi iapetus,

Sounds like you're looking for advice in the right place!

Firstly I will say that your degree in English Language & Linguistics is pretty relevant to the field you are looking to go into and I'd definitely recommend doing a TEFL course.

Most reputable schools are accredited by the British Council and so to be an EFL teacher you must have a degree and a CELTA (or equivalent - being 120 hours and at least 6 hours of observed practicum). Be careful of the online courses as these are not reputable and aren't recognised as a CELTA equivalent.

Lots of people to decide to change their careers to teaching and if you are seriously considering it, I think it would definitely be worth doing the qualification.

Where do you want to teach? UK or abroad?

Hope this has helped! :-)

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Re: Looking for advice on taking up a career in teaching.

Unread postby Alex Case » 03 Jul 2012, 21:35

As long as you are willing to be flexible about location, all that sounds like the right plan and is perfectly feasible, including finding a stable and okay paid job (probably in three or four years after also taking a post-experience MA or diploma in TEFL such as the Cambridge Delta).

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