Which online/in person mixed courses are good?

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Which online/in person mixed courses are good?

Unread postby bwertz » 26 May 2012, 21:29

Just graduated from College and am eager to go abroad for a while. TEFL/TESOL seems like a good tool to help me do so. I'm probably going to be a many of the 4 week in person programs that seem to be the best certifications. Goinpplying in Korea, Japan or China for actual teaching positions. I can't really afford CELTA org one step down from there it seems like there are several courses which offer something in the vicinity of a 120 hour online program with 6+ hours of actual teaching work. However, the sheer number of such programs seems mind-boggling. With that in mind, my question is as follows: which programs are considered the most valid?

I've found two that seem decent looking. Is either of these a good choice?

http://www.tesol.org/s_tesol/sec_docume ... &DID=12648 TESOL.org seems to offer a program and the website seems legitimate, but I haven't seen much discussion on whether this program is respected or not in terms of job placement. The website also left me a bit unsure as to whether they help you arrange for teaching work or if you have to secure it yourself through some means.

http://www.transworldschools.com/distan ... -a-77.html This site seems to offer a similarly reasonable looking program which claims to be recognized by the state of California and have an ACCET certification. Is the ACCET certification valuable or recognized anywhere?

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