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Starting in a year

Unread postby whayes » 21 May 2012, 21:04

Hey all, I'm looking to teach overseas in a year and a half when I graduate college. I'll have my BA in Exercise Science. I became interested in this some time ago and will finally be graduating to do it. I actually want to help coach youth basketball in China as well as teach, but the only place I can find anything about this is the Chinese Culture Center. I'm a little put off after reading the back-and-forth comments on here about the CCC, but they specifically ask for basketball trainers on top of the English teaching.

I read someone on here say that "it is easy" to find jobs teaching in China, but I don't know where to start. Obviously I'd rather do it on my own if possible, but where should I start? Do I just get a passport, apply for a VISA, and search for jobs online? Or is GoldenDoorway a legit place? Those are the only two places I've heard of. Sorry if this is asked a lot, but I'm just a little confused at the best place to start. Again, I'd prefer to coach basketball and understand that this is desired in China, but I also want to teach English if possible. I would also just teach English of basketball is out of the question. Does anyone have some advice?

Thanks in advance guys!

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