Training for Business teaching? CELTAs nr Portsmouth?

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Training for Business teaching? CELTAs nr Portsmouth?

Unread postby iWorthington » 27 Feb 2012, 21:38


I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on training. I've already read all the relevant articles I can find on this site (very good btw, thanks).

I'm a 52 year old English business professional looking at the possibilities of starting to teach English for Business and Teachers. I live in Bogota, Colombia where I'm married to a Colombian school teacher who teaches basic English.

I have the following questions:

1. From the articles on this site it looks like I should plan on taking a CELTA course as a basic qualification for myself. What though do I need to take in order to be able to specifically teach English for Business, and to teach trained school teachers such as my wife to teach English (it looks like the appropriate qualification for them would be the TKT)?

2. I can't find a CELTA course in Bogota, but I'm planning to be in the UK from the beginning of May, Hampshire/Sussex area. There's a CELTA course at Highbury College Portsmouth but it doesn't start until 18 June. Anyone aware of anything within a hours drive of Portsmouth that starts sooner?



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Re: Training for Business teaching? CELTAs nr Portsmouth?

Unread postby Alex Case » 02 Mar 2012, 08:45

Biz qualifications are covered on here: ... nglish.htm

I have one of them, so feel free to post other questions for me here.

You're right about needing the CELTA first, and I'd recommend the CELTA for your wife too as it is difficult to get jobs with just the TKT

Cambridge have a full list of CELTA courses on their site, but they don't list them by date so there is little choice but to search each of the courses and find the course dates on each site. Is there one is Southampton, perhaps??

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