JET and EPIK opinions?

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JET and EPIK opinions?

Unread postby Todash » 19 Feb 2012, 00:47

Has (or is) anyone been involved in these programs in Japan and South Korea? They both seem like great options for newly TEFL certified teachers and was curious if I could find more opinions about the good and bad of either program from some of the good folks in these forums. Do they randomly place teachers or do they do a good job at preferences that a teacher has with regards to teaching location? I understand the biggest cities aren't going to be as easily obtainable as rural ones, but are JET/EPIK officials more accommodating with someone who simply has a preferences for urban/suburban over rural?

I have researched the a lot of the teachers in EPIK are able to get a furnished apartment, and was wondering how well "furnished" apartments in job offers tend to be, whether in South Korea or another Asian country. They also provide an option of living in a dorm-style building with other EPIK teachers and I was equally curious about experiences of other TEFL teachers that have done something like that.

Thanks for any info and thoughts you have!

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Re: JET and EPIK opinions?

Unread postby oromo » 24 Oct 2012, 15:59

Hi, Iam Oren. I worked 2 years with SMOE which is run by EPIK now. Seems same deal i got. Pay and benifits are a little stingier now. No plane back home each year or one million three hundred thousand won deposited in your account. but better deal than private hog wons. many are in trouble with down economy. Housing is usually better outside of seoul. Bigger I mean. Pay is like clock work. They pay your pension and all is on the up and up. Downside kids are low usually not like hog won kids. These public kids usually have little intense english experience but I enjoyed them. You will be a bit of a celebrity. I did highschool girls. A little easier than boys. Yes safer public. I would do it again but moving on to adults, where my real interest is . good luck and keep a calm open attitude when dealing with your co teachers and leads.

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