Behaviour of korean students + ageism

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Behaviour of korean students + ageism

Unread postby frogg[]] » 27 Jan 2012, 21:09


I am an experienced teacher having spent the last 8 years teaching Law A level to teenagers. However i want a change of lifestyle. For that and some other reasons i want to try TEFL again. In 1999 i taught for a private language school in a small town north of Bangkok and the students were a variety of adults and adolescents and the class sizes were small : around 3 to 5 at most. No issues with misbehaviour at all.

My question is about misbehaviour and uncooperative students. From what i know of Thailand and what i've read about Korea and Japan there is little issue in these countries with TEFL students misbehaving because of their cultural attitude to education generally. Is this correct? as i was thinking of trying to find work in Korea. So any insight into the Korean students and attitude to TEFL classes is what i am looking for. And any tips too :) .

Am i right that the kids in public schools are more likely to be uncooperative and misbehave than those that go to the private language schools ? if this IS an issue, the best way round this to do TEFL with adults in Korea?

Unfortunately i have discovered that in Korea the fact i am 42 might go against me for working in private language schools, does anyone know if this is a universal rule or where there may be private language schools that want my experience ?

Many thanks for any insight anyone can give

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Re: Behaviour of korean students + ageism

Unread postby Alex Case » 02 Feb 2012, 09:28

It depends on the school, but I'd be surprised if a 42 year old couldn't get a job in Korea. The behaviour of the kids isn't as good as Japan and nowhere near as good as Thailand, but not nearly as bad as Europe.

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Re: Behaviour of korean students + ageism

Unread postby neverstopped » 14 Feb 2012, 16:01

I only found this article, but I don't have any personal experience on the subject. it seems to imply, though, that being older is actually preferable to being young. I've only ever heard of middle aged men in Japan being mocked for their "oyaji- smell".

[quote=Alex Case]The behaviour of the kids isn't as good as Japan and nowhere near as good as Thailand, but not nearly as bad as Europe.[/quote]

I really don't know why students' behaviour is being described as "good" or "bad" here. maybe rules are applied more strictly in Korea. You have to bow to the teacher etc. But apart from that it really depends on the individual student's personality whether the behaviour could be describes as good or bad. Maybe a teacher who is use to pupils who were trimmed to be polite would be shocked at the casualty of European students, but if they are friendly and willing to learn that's what matters.

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