Student Behaviour-global checklist :D

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Student Behaviour-global checklist :D

Unread postby frogg[]] » 27 Jan 2012, 21:24


My question is about misbehaviour and uncooperative students. Basically what countries have the most complicit and lovely well behaved students :) and which are the ones to avoid.

I was interested in Korea and then if that went well i read amazingly nice things about Costa Rica but not much about their cultural attitude to education. Anyone thats taught TEFL in costa rica or anywhere in the world that can help give me an idea of which countries to gravitate towards and which to avoid if i want some nice respectful students. Or is it best just to go for teaching adults whatever the country? i don't know if this makes a difference but i am 42 :D

Many thanks for any insight anyone can give :D

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Re: Student Behaviour-global checklist :D

Unread postby karenadona » 28 Jan 2012, 09:47

I have been a swimming coach and taught EFL in Malaysia and tutored primary / secondary students for 10 years, both local and Ex Pat students. The children are very well behaved. They stand when you enter, say hello Miss and they are extremely respectful and polite. I was somewhat shocked after teaching in various state schools for 20 + years in the UK, that the children came up at the end of EVERY lesson and said thank you and if they didn't the parent/s sent them over if they forgot.The other advantages of Malaysia is
a. most people speak English and b. cost of living is relatively low c. weather and holidays d. brilliant affordable delicious food e. cheap flights and a flying hub in Asia.

Karen D.

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Re: Student Behaviour-global checklist :D

Unread postby neverstopped » 06 Feb 2012, 13:33

Are you seriously asking this question? Surely there are certain things like different levels of strictness in countries' school system, but well behaved students that like to work with their teachers can be found everywhere. If they don't see the reason in studying, it should be your goal to encourage them, shouldn't it?

Well, if you want students trained to politeness, I hear that Asian countries have a reputation for that. I also think that students in France have to be very dedicated to work to pass into a lycée, so maybe you should try getting into a lycée ;)

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