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English Teacher with wife

Unread postby dghjarrett » 07 Oct 2011, 13:58

Hi all,

my name is Daniel and I am a CELTA qualified English teacher currently living and working in Berlin.

My wife (an Italian citizen) and I are currently trying to make a move to Asia (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore etc) but we are coming stuck in the situation regarding my wife's ability to work. I will be the one finding the first job and then when it is signed we will move.

I have been told that a dependent can legally travel to a country and apply to live with me as a dependent. Is this correct? However, I am then being told that her ability to work on a dependent Visa is not always there, especially in places like China or Singapore. If this is the case, would she then have to leave the country in order to have her Visa changed?

Does anyone have any direct experience or advice they can give me at this stage as I am running out of avenues of help.

many thanks,


Scott Thomas
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Re: English Teacher with wife

Unread postby Scott Thomas » 02 Jan 2012, 08:57

Hello, I am Scott at EET-Baotou. Does your wife have the needed credentials to teach the English language in China? If she does, we should be able to help her get a Z visa. Please contact me at: teachingbaotou@yahoo.com, if you and your wife are interested in working at EET-Baotou.

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