Teaching ad-hoc in Asia

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Teaching ad-hoc in Asia

Unread postby keenpaul » 12 Oct 2011, 15:45

Hello! Thanks for reading this thread.

I am about to undertake a 1yr/18 month career break from a stressful job in London, and head to travel Asia and South America. I am also looking to do some teaching and have a level of experience having completed a weekend TEFL course and taught children when I volunteered with a charity in India :-)

I can’t really commit to a 1 year contract as you can imagine, and so will be looking to work on an ad-hoc basis for a few weeks or months or so at a school or adult learning establishment and undertake private lessons. Is this something which is feasible in any way or are most opportunities based around specific times of the year? Any advice would be great...

Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Teaching ad-hoc in Asia

Unread postby ChiniFT » 18 Oct 2011, 13:42

Hi Paul,

I can only talk to you about China, but I believe that Thailand would be also a very good place to go with your minimum TEFL certificate. Most paces look for a degree and a 120 hour TEFL certificate. BUT, in China you could certainly try the non-government (i.e. private) schools such as Berlitz who might take you on an ad-hoc basis. Since you've been working in London, I presume you have business experience - Business English Teachers are in high demand by Berlitz and experience counts more than certificates.

If you do take private students make sure you charge up front - don't expect payment after they've walked out the door after a 2 hour lesson!!

Hope this helps a little.


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