Question about conversational teaching in Japan

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Question about conversational teaching in Japan

Unread postby Barqs » 29 Nov 2005, 16:45

Hi I live in Canada and I am interested in doing conversational teaching ie no grammer teaching preferably with lesson plans. I hear that a company called Nova for teaching in Japan has that style of teaching. I know that they do not pay your flight over to Japan. I wanted to knew of a conversational school such as this that would pay my flight or even just another conversational school to compare doesn't necesarly have to be in Japan.
Thanks Barqs

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re: Flights

Unread postby athenacat » 06 Apr 2006, 04:32


A friend of mine worked for AEON, he had to pay for the flight out but they reimbursed him once he completed his year in Japan. A lot of the schools are now doing that since it is so easy to leave the school once you get to Japan and have a visa.

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