Georgia "dangers"

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Georgia "dangers"

Unread postby pintsogin » 30 Aug 2011, 03:45

Its kind of in Asia, and this part of the forum gets more traffic haha

My freind from Russia is telling me not to go because its dangerous. Police are corrupt and people will rob me up once they find out im American. Really, typical things I hear about a lot of countries, especially former USSR countries. She insisted I don't go but I figure she is over reacting. Shes never been there herself.

Is It really a dangerous country and I should reconsider going??

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Re: Georgia "dangers"

Unread postby TheTruth » 30 Aug 2011, 15:27

Dear Pintsoggin,

From personal, personal experience, Russia is exceptionally dangerous and corrupt.

As a foreigner, you will be "shaken down" by corrupt police probably at least once a week. If you don't pay up, you go to jail, or you land in a snow dump somewhere.

China, for example, is a very safe country, comparatively speaking, probably safer than Japan and surely safer for a foreigner, generally speaking, than the other East Asian countries.

Russia is the extreme opposite. In the larger cities, home robberies are common; street crime is a fact of every day life and institutionalized corruption is BEYOND anything that you can imagine.

For example : the best hotel in Moscow was the Raddisson. It was wholly-owned and managed by a nice American guy from Wisconsin. At first, it was not money-making and he was left alone. Then it became quite profitable. At first, he was just squeezed for "protection" money, a lot of it. Then when it became really profitable, he was bumped off and his Russian wife (that nobody knew that he had) appeared with a will with his signature on it, bequeating the hotel stock or whatever to her. She then "sold" this stock to the local underworld.

This is not one event, just one of many.

Hospitals are exceptionally filthy. If you are not ill when you go there, you will be ill when you go leave them. Doctors require bribing. Nurses require bribing.

Your luggage upon arrival at the airport? IT WILL HAVE BEEN PILFERED 100% FOR SURE. And no one will know anything and no one will help you.

Never, ever, ever get in a Moscow or St. Petersburg taxi alone. You may never get where you are going and you may get to heaven instead.

Russian cooking is wonderful and delicious.

There is more AIDS in Russia than anywhere else in the world, including the African countries.

Life expectancy for a man in Russia is the lowest of any place on the face of the earth -- 54 years! Women do a little bit better.

If you want to travel, go to China, or the other places, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan or the other countries like Korea or Japan or maybe, maybe even Viet Nam (nice, developing but lots of petty crime).

And if you are talking about "Georgia" here meaning the country of Georgia, AVOID it at all costs.

Violent, violent, violent, guns everywhere, Russian soldiers at the borders with tanks ready to invade, crime levels worse than Rio de Janeiro.

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Re: Georgia "dangers"

Unread postby pintsogin » 30 Aug 2011, 19:04

thanks for the one sentence on Georgia. Now i know what not to do in Russia.

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Re: Georgia "dangers"

Unread postby Shawners » 20 Feb 2012, 17:01

I have spent a lot of time in Russia and I have never been given a shake down by the police. I rarely saw guns. I was never robbed. I took a cab many times by myself with absolutely no problems. I never had to pay one bribe. My luggage was not tampered with.

I have no clue where the "TheTruth" has been in Russia but either he has horrible luck or he has never been there at all.

Sorry but I have no information about Georgia for you. Good luck.

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