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Teaching in China

Unread postby jaszhang » 18 Jul 2011, 21:19

I have been looking TEFL certificates for a while and it seems that a lot of people are recommending 100 hours for teaching overseas.

A little about myself:
I have 5+ years of teaching with other people (tutoring) and small (about 3-5 people) classrooms.
I am in my junior year in college, so I have 2 more years before I get my bachelor's degree
I am majoring in Computer Engineering, completely unrelated to education
I am trying to find a job in teaching English in China or Taiwan.
I am 20 years old, I am Chinese American, born and raised in America.

So my question is, with these credentials, how do I stand against others and will I be able to find a job easily in China or Taiwan? I understand that some companies look for a certain name brand or TEFL certificates...what certificate is most widely recognized and which one should I get? I'm not sure if it helped but I wrote a personal letter as seen below:

[i]Hello there, I am Chinese but American born and raised. I have recently gone to China on vacation and didn't realize how much culture I was missing out on in China. Being Chinese, I thought I knew a lot about China’s rich culture but in actuality, I was only touching the surface. I stayed mostly in GuangZhou because that's where my grandparents lived but visited Shanghai, Chengdu, Sichuan and a few other places. I had an am amazing time. The only problem in my visit was that one month felt too short and I couldn't really speak any Chinese.
My background in America for speaking Chinese has not been that strong since my parents do not speak that much Chinese at home. I never really questioned why they always pushed me to speak English and not Chinese. I reasoned that they wanted me to speak English since that is the native language here. But as I grew older, I grew aware of a strong urge to connect with my Chinese heritage and became more frustrated with my parents for not teaching me Chinese in the first place. However, as time went by, I realized that it must have been hard for my parents being the first generations to come to America. They spoke no English here and simply came to America because they wanted a better life for me and my sister. Because my parents went through the hardships of not understanding English, they did not want me to feel the same way and be isolated from others.
Right now I am a college student, so a summer job in 2012 fits perfectly for me. I have tutored many people before in America for 5+ years with ages ranging from 5 year olds to a 46 year old and have also talked to Chinese people who have moved here recently and helped them improve their English. I know it must not be easy for Chinese to understand English. I feel the same way about speaking Chinese, but I know that patience and talking face to face is the best way to learn a language. I have begun practicing my Chinese everyday and told my parents to speak more and more Chinese to me every day. I hope by the end of this year my Chinese will be sufficient enough to hold a good conversation with other people.
I am very interested in teaching Chinese people English as well as any computer engineering internships and although I am not majoring in education in College (I am majoring in computer engineering so I know a good deal about computers)...I feel that this is not too much of an issue as I have good conversation skills in English. I have 1 year left of College until I get my bachelor’s degree so I have already completed the majority of my years in College. I am 6 feet and 1 inch, which is approximately 185 cm and 160 pounds (72.7 kg). I am a people person. I love talking to other people and making new friends. During my trip to China, I realized that I loved city life because I could step outside and be in the middle of a busy street. In America, I live in the suburbs, so living in China for a while is definitely an interest to me.

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