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Dear all,
I am an MSc student at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Strathclyde, in the Design Manufacture and Engineering Management Department. Currently, I am working on my MSc project, which aims to investigate the impact of augmented reality on children’s creativity, and I have constructed a survey to elicit views on this research area. The survey will be distributed to parents and teachers, the results will be made publicly available, and the anonymity of individual respondents will be strictly maintained.
This work will contribute to a better understanding of children’s creativity, both within the UK and internationally. It should also help us to understand how this new technology may be used to positively contribute children’s creativity and early years education.
The survey consists of two different parts: one for teachers and the other for parents. I would be very grateful if you could complete them.

For teachers kindly please complete the following survey

For parents kindly please complete the following survey

Should you need any further information or have questions about this survey, please contact me directly. I will be grateful for all the assistance you can provide.

Banan Bamoallem
MSc Digital Creativity

 Link to the survey

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