Which CELTA centre, eastern Europe? (Or UK?) Advice please!

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Which CELTA centre, eastern Europe? (Or UK?) Advice please!

Unread postby Juggle » 06 Jun 2011, 23:33

Are there good or bad centres to train at? I'm mainly thinking of taking a CELTA in an eastern European country such as Poland, Latvia, Slovenia, Hungary.
Does the quality of course content vary much between centres, as well as the perceived value of its qualification from an employers point of view?

International House and the British Council have many centres, with positive online feedback. Are these 'the best' places to train, and worth their extra cost, or will any Cambridge accredited centre be equal to them? Should I be wary of cheaper courses?

Taking the Celta abroad would mean that the students of English that I would practise teaching would be a monolinguistic class of the native language, not a broad spectrum of nationalities as would be the case if I take the course in the UK. Does this affect the ways in which I would learn to teach, producing a teacher specified to learners of one particular nationality? Does it make sense to take the course in a different country to where I would likely end up working?

The other option would be to take the course here in the UK, probably at the British Study Centre in Oxford.

Please can I have some advice, in general and for the places I have mentioned.

(I've pretty much decided the best TEFL course to take would be a CELTA because of its reputation. I would like to take it abroad, partly to simulate the experience of teaching abraod, partly because the cost of the course plus accommodation in the cheaper countries would be the same as just the course cost in the UK, but without the hour or more commute each way to my nearest centre. After the course I would hope to teach in many different countries/continents.)


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