Best for Teacher with Family?

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Best for Teacher with Family?

Unread postby PaleoNick » 01 Jun 2011, 19:57

Hi, everyone,

I know that there are plenty of challenges for anyone who moves overseas to teach, but I also know there are are a host of additional challenges for a teacher who wants to relocate with a spouse and possibly a young child.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or insights on Asian countries which might be easier or more difficult with wife and child? It seems that the cost of living in some countries (e.g., Japan) might require a non-teaching spouse to find other employment, the low income in other countries (e.g., Thailand) might require the same, and I've heard that the visa requirements in other countries might might it difficult for a teacher to bring non-working spouse. There are also, of course, the pragmatic questions of housing for couples and families, medical care for infants, and so on.

Any thoughts anyone might have on this would be greatly appreciate as my wife and I eye begin looking at making a major change in our lives.



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Re: Best for Teacher with Family?

Unread postby Alex Case » 11 Jun 2011, 23:53

Most places are like Japan and Korea and do not let spouses of people on a working visa work. About the only place you could support a whole family on a single beginning teacher's wage is South Korea.

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