TEFL Teacher Blacklists

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TEFL Teacher Blacklists

Unread postby frankc » 04 May 2011, 14:45

It is interesting that there are so many sites that blacklist schools, but none that blacklist teachers. In fact this is the only one I could find:


Why is that?
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Re: TEFL Teacher Blacklists

Unread postby Alex Case » 08 May 2011, 23:46

Because any decent school can spot terrible teachers by an interview and job references?

This is probably the most famous blacklisting of teachers, and it isn't really a good example:

http://tefltastic.wordpress.com/2009/01 ... ng-coyote/
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Re: TEFL Teacher Blacklists

Unread postby NMonks » 25 May 2011, 04:26

Actually most recruiters in each country have their own private blacklists they share, but they keep it secret as in many countries it's illegal.
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