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teaching methods

Unread postby amatoolah » 20 Feb 2006, 21:37

Hi everybody .Please iam a teacher trainee and i would like if someone can help me ihave a presenatation concerning silent way method used in teaching, how can we apply it with our pupils
thank you

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Maybe this will help....

Unread postby jesusalvador » 23 Feb 2006, 03:11

well if you have investigated how silent way works, u know that you need to make a lot of material so... focus your material in the activity or the grammar you want to teach, now... are u in a multi cultural classroom? If that you need to work in your sound chart, silent way is not a difficult method just remember how to elicit answers from your students, remember talk as few as possible and error correction... well that's your student's job when eliciting... u can do it... any topic will be fine menawhile you present the vocabulary u will use. and take in to account as always your students level ;) colors make an important role in this method DO NOT MIX COLOURS that can confuse your students... good look :P lucky you to present this method ;) LOL you can do it!!!!

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