Please give me advice! Problem with other teacher.

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Please give me advice! Problem with other teacher.

Unread postby RobJames » 02 May 2011, 02:00

I have a problem with another teacher copying my work and I wondered what the general opinion of this is.

Teacher A spends his/her own time preparing the work for class, spends time researching and setting up a lesson. Teacher B does not prepare for class and goes into the other classes copies their work and repeats the work for his class.

How would you deal with this situation of another teacher walking into your class (without asking permission) in the middle of the class then sitting down and copying the class for himself? This kind of behaviour really irritates me and I don't want it to continue.

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Re: Please give me advice! Problem with other teacher.

Unread postby pokedmund » 03 May 2011, 06:13

I find that disgraceful! Although, I'd play things a little safe.

Can you speak to the one in charge and get them to do something about this. The one in charge needs to know this is happening, otherwise, what happens if your ill for a week and the other teacher can't prepare for a lesson because they've been copying your lesson plans?!

However, I hope teacher B isn't the one in charge of the tuition centre.

definitely raise this with someone higher. Otherwise, teacher B may as well be giving you some money for using your lesson plans.

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Re: Please give me advice! Problem with other teacher.

Unread postby Lucy » 03 May 2011, 19:35

I agree that it's unacceptable and that you should do something.

Is there a way that you could speak directly to this other teacher: asking a few questions such as what is her/his reason for coming into your classes. You could also mention how it makes you feel (uncomfortable, awkward). I wouldn't start out by talking to your superior, that seems to be taking it up a notch before you have tried to solve the problem yourself. YOu could just create an enemy by going to the boss behind his/her back. I'd keep that as a final solution when all else has failed.


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Re: Please give me advice! Problem with other teacher.

Unread postby seballeste » 12 May 2011, 12:02

Fully understand how you feel it´s rude end of! Put a stop to it if the teacher has not asked for permission. I remember I used to work in one particular academy and we "had" to share our materials regardless of what, at first I found it odd then, I just accepted it. But this is diff you should say something I defo would.

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