Classroom management-I feel like a policewoman!

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Classroom management-I feel like a policewoman!

Unread postby sharonita » 02 Nov 2013, 13:25

Hi everybody!
I'm a new English teacher in the elementary school in Israel. I teach first, second and third grades ESL. My problem is that although I prepare interesting and experiential lessons plans ( that include songs, games, puppets etc...), most of the time I feel more like a policewoman in the classroom than an English teacher. I find myself dealing with behavioral issues and seperating fighting pupils and trying to maintain hard!!!. It really bothers me since I love to teach and there are so many pupils who actually come to class to learn and they cant do it, unfortunately...I tried so many solutions. For example making the interuppters my assistants or to seat them near me, to give them positive feedbacks when they behave well-that helps but only for the short term or only for one lesson. Do you have effective advises for me what to do??? I will really appreciate it!

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