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Private Lessons with Kindergarteners

Unread postby pixipatrin » 11 Feb 2012, 12:46

Hello TEFL forum.

I teach all ages at a small language school. There's a range of students, one of the hardest demographics I'm finding are private lesson kindergarteners. I've done some research and have high and low points, hitting more high points than low points recently, but still seeking some advice on:

1) What is a good way to transition from activity to activity for extremely young learners: 4-6 y.o.

2) What is the best way to face student reluctance to do an activity?

In groups, most students will engage in an activity but have a few students who are always opposed to participating, they will go to the corner and bury their face, or do the same laying on the floor, generally choosing to gain my attention in a negative way rather than a proactive one. Should this behavior be ignored? What is an appropriate way to address this with young learners?

3) What is an appropriate approach to discipline, specifically, in a class that meets only once a week? I have had some high moments with a student who is in private lessons with me, 5 y.o., has been at the school for a year or so and can't recognize/won't participate in alphabet or flashcard activities, or rather, any activity except her favorite hide-and-find activities. I'm also wondering if a lot of her opposition is coming from a late class time (6:50 in the evening), who seems equally difficult in her interactions with her parents. Due a busy schedule, she often comes irregularly and I sense that she doesn't know what to expect from me as I don't know what to expect from her.

I can speak the first language of my students. What are age appropriate/effective ways to draw their attention in/get them engaged in activities?

I have tried active warm-ups, warm up songs and total body response type activities... which works for most students I'm just a new teacher and not sure what to do with the really oppositional students.

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