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Learning styles

Unread postby sharon » 22 Jun 2005, 17:26

I am teaching young adolescents (12 - 14) and I would like to incorporate activities that use differnent learning styles.

Has anybody got ideas for any activities? I'm thinking about things like, spacial, bodily, musical, linguistic skills, etc.

thanks a lot


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Learning styles

Unread postby Nigel » 30 Jun 2005, 11:59

you can have students do the following:

write poems, stories etc
play card and board games
do arts and crafts
have them design and make things
do physical activities (moving around)
songs and chants
do group activities
have students keep a diary
allow quiet time for thinking
if possible, visit museums etc

I'm sure you'll have fun

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Unread postby ForumAngel » 23 Aug 2006, 01:39

Hi Sharon,

I've found that using the different learning styles is a great way to add fun and excitement to the classroom. One thing that I like to do is if my students are going to have a project of sorts, then I offer different options -- each with a focus on a different learning style but that still requires the use of the specific skills that we are focusing on for the project. So, if I want them to demonstrate their use of food vocabulary, I could have the write a rap about their favorite meal, create graphs to explain how their parents use the weekly food budget or (with a group) put on some sort of skit that involves the types of words I'm "testing".

That said, I also like to only offer a few of the different types of learning styles with each project instead of all of them because it also forces the students to explore areas outside of their comfort zones while still giving them a choice in their work.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards
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